Tuesday, 20 November 2018

Bill on 'For Facts Sake' BBC One 19/11/2018

Bill appeared on 'For Facts Sake' (quiz programme about extraordinary facts) as an expert. 

Here is the blurb on the programmes page...

Brendan O'Carroll hosts the quiz about ordinary people and their extraordinary facts, with team captains and sisters Danny O'Carroll and Fiona O'Carroll. The last episode imparts some incredible facts on subjects ranging from the Olympics to onions. Expert guest Bill Oddie flies in to teach everyone about birds and Pat 'Pepsi' Shields reveals another side to Queen Victoria.

And here is the link to catch up on the show...

Monday, 19 November 2018

I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue Episode 2 of Series 70 now available on BBC Sounds

Episode 2

'This week the programme pays a return visit to the Lighthouse concert hall in Poole where regulars Tim Brooke-Taylor and Barry Cryer are once again joined on the panel by Tony Hawks and John Finnemore, with Jack Dee in the chair. At the piano - Colin Sell..


Monday, 12 November 2018

I'm Sorry I haven't a Clue Series 70

The 70th series of I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue, started today (12/11/2018).

Featuring Tim Brooke-Taylor, Tony Hawks, Barry Cryer, John Finnemore and Jack Dee as host.
Plus Colin at the Piano.

You can catch up on this weeks episode via BBC Sounds (formally the Iplayer Radio).

ISIHAC Episode 1 S70

Sunday, 11 November 2018

Another interview from The Goodies at Post Office Tower

This was found on the forum. It's a second interview with the super chaps, at the BT tower from the 24th September. Done by the Record Collector Magazine.

Saturday, 10 November 2018

The Goodies (plus Barry Cryer and Colin Sell at Slapstick 2019!

The Goodies are returning to the Slapstick Festival in Bristol. 

Here is the info... :D


Saturday, 19 January 2:00pm

Finally! The last, great, unreleased DVD box set has seen the light of day. For the first time ever anywhere in the world, every episode of THE GOODIES has been released for obsessive fans - young and old.

To celebrate, Graeme Garden, Tim Brooke-Taylor and Bill Oddie reunite on stage at Bristol Old Vic for a unique afternoon in conversation. Graeme, Tim and Bill will talk about their sparkling career in comedy and the enduring popularity of ‘The Goodies’ decades on. Prepare for delight and discovery as ardent fan Richard Herring rummages through his new box set for classic clips from one of the best-loved TV comedies.


As well as The Goodies event, there is also an event with Bill and comedian Robin Ince. At the Slapstick Festival in Bristol

Friday, 18 Jan 10:00pm Bristol Old Vic

In this classic comedy from Stan & Ollie, a prospector enlists the pair to deliver the deed for a goldmine to his daughter Mary in Brushwood Gulch. When they arrive in the small village, Mary’s sinister guardian pretends to be Mary, thus fooling the hapless duo into handing over the deed. Upon meeting the real Mary, the pair realise their mistake and set about getting the deed into the rightful owner’s hands. Considered by many – including Bill Oddie – to be Laurel & Hardy’s finest and funniest film, this screening is proceeded by a brief onstage chat with Robin Ince and Bill Oddie.


Barry and Colin Sell are also included in the Slapstick line up at next years festival.

Sunday, 20 January 8:00pm

In yet another farewell tour, Baz returns, reunited with Colin Sell who refuses to take no for an answer. Barry Cryer, still a “Sprightly Veteran” (Undertaker’s Gazette) and Colin Sell a “Legendary Virtuoso” (Pensioner’s Weekly) combine to entertain you with songs, jokes and the amazing realisation that they’re still here.


Binge of Goodies items -Goodies CD and books to be released!

This came from Network yesterday! And great news for those who didn't get hold of the Limited edition set in June. :)

These are being released on 3rd Dec 2019
The Goodies:
The Cricklewood Tapes

Happy Friday!

We have some early Christmas Goodies (pun intended) to announce, starting with...

Since the early days of television, programme-makers have used music to enhance their visuals – but few did it as well as The Goodies. So intrinsic is the show’s music that it is impossible to imagine its absence – it isn’t in the show, it’s of the show.

The sessions on this set feature some fan favourites – Dumb Animals, Berserk, Working the Line, Bonecrusher – as well as the only remaining element from the original version of Kitten Kong.


The Goodies:
The Goodies DVD File

Another One...

An overview of Graeme, Bill and Tim's careers, beginning at Cambridge and working through to the post-Goodies era, bringing the story right up to date. Written by archive television historian Andrew Pixley.


The Goodies:
The Goodies Book of Criminal Recordings

One More...

An episode-by-episode analysis of the entire Goodies output, including their ITV series and an index covering commercial recordings and other endeavours. Written by archive television historian Andrew Pixley.


And of course if you don't own The Goodies: The Complete BBC Years boxset yet, you can also buy a copy from NetworkAmazon and HMV