The Super Chaps Three...

Tim Julian Brooke-Taylor OBE . Born 17th July 1940 in Buxton, Derbyshire.  His mother was Lacrosse player and represented the country and his father was a solicitor. Who ran a firm in Buxton, 'Brooke-Taylor's Solicitors' which is still there to this day ( run by different company but still retaining the name). His father passed away when Tim was 12.

 Went to Winchester Public School. And then Cambridge where he studied Law and joined the famous Footlights. While at Pembroke College, Cambridge he met Bill Oddie, John Cleese and Graham Chapman. Together along with Graeme Garden (who arrived in Tim's final year at Cambridge University), Jo Kendall and David Hatch went on to devise and make laughter with the Cambridge Circus 'A Clump of Plinths', which went to the Edinburgh Fringe, London, New Zealand and Broadway, New York.  Then progressed and transformed into The Wonder Show of I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again for BBC Radio.  Then in 1970 he went on to be the Goody of Goodies, (in The Goodies)  And a regular panelist  in the antidote to panel games I'm Sorry I' Haven't A Clue. In 2011 his wish finally came true and was awarded an OBE for Contribution to Entertainment.

William Edgar Oddie OBE or more commonly known as Bill Oddie.  Born 7th July 1941 in Rochdale, Lancashire. But moved to Birmingham.  after finishing at the King Edward VI School, he then went on to study at Cambridge along Tim and John Cleese. where he read English, originally wanting to be an English teacher.  Joined the Footlights and starred and wrote the songs for Cambridge Circus ' A Clump of Plinths' and after Cambridge I'm Sorry I'll Read That Again.  Then went on to be the hairy one in The Goodies.  Also has a passion for Wild Life and has since done variety of programmes on Birds and other wild life including Springwatch and Autumnwatch.  He was also awarded an OBE in 2000 for contribution to Wild life.

David Graeme Garden OBE or More commonly known as Graeme Garden.  Born 8th February 1943 near Aberdeen Scotland, but moved Preston. Went to Repton School.  Then went to the Emmanuel College at Cambridge University and studied to be a Doctor.  Where he joined the Footlights when Tim was president. While Tim, Bill, John Cleese and the rest of the Cambridge Circus went off to New Zealand and the states.  Graeme then continued his studies in Medicine at the King's College London and became a Doctor.  Then when the Cambridge Circus crew came back and few series into ISIRTA. He wrote and starred in the radio prune show. And then Tim and Graeme paired up to do Broaden your mind which became The Goodies when Bill joined in 1970.  Graeme also devised the long running antidote to panel games I'm Sorry I Haven't a Clue with the late Sir David Hatch.

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