The Goodies Episode Guide

This is just a brief guide to episodes in each of the nine series.  For a more in depth look at the episodes, head to the Goodies Rule Ok Fan site above.

  Series One

Tower of London

Original broadcast: 8th November 1970

Original Broadcast: 15th November 1970

Give Police a Chance

Original Broadcast:25th November 1970

Caught in the Act 
Original Broadcast:29th November 1970

The Greenies
Original Broadcast:6th December 1970 

Original Broadcast:13th December 1970

Radio Goodies
Original Broadcast:20th December 1970

Series Two


Original Broadcast: 1st October 1971

Commonwealth Games
Original Broadcast:8th October 1971

Original Broadcast: 15th October 1971

The Lost Tribe of Orinoco
Original Broadcast:22nd October 1971

The Music Lovers
Original Broadcast:29th October 1971

Culture for the Masses
Original Broadcast:5th November 1971

Kitten Kong (Original version)
Original Broadcast: 12th November 1971

Come Dancing
Original Broadcast: 19th November 1971

Farm Fresh Food
Original Broadcast: 10th December 1971

Womens Lib
Original Broadcast:17th December 1971

Gender Education
Original Broadcast: 3rd December 1971

Charity Bounce

Original Broadcast: 10th December 1971

The Baddies

Original Broadcast: 14th January 1972

Series Three

The New Office
Original Broadcast: 4th Feb 1973

Hunting Pink
Original Broadcast: 11th Feb 1973

The Winter Olympics
Original Broadcast: 18th Feb 1973

That Old Black Magic

Original Broadcast: 25th Feb 1973

For Those in Peril on the Sea

Original Broadcast: 4th March 1973

Way Outward Bound
Original Broadcast: 11th March 1973

Series Four


Original Broadcast: 1st December 1973

Invasion of the Moon Creatures
Original Broadcast: 8th December 1973

Hospital for Hire

Original Broadcast: 15th December 1973

The Goodies and the Beanstalk

Original Broadcast: 24th December 1973

The Stone Age

Original Broadcast: 29th December 1973

Goodies in the Nick
Original Broadcast: 5th Jan 1973

The Race

Original Broadcast: 12th Jan 1974

Series Five

The Movies

Original Broadcast: 10th Feb 1975

The Clown Virus

Original Broadcast: 17th Feb 1975

Chubby Chumps

Original Broadcast: 24th Feb 1975

Wacky Wales

Original Broadcast: 3rd March 1975


Original Broadcast: 10th March 1975

Scatty Safari

Original Broadcast: 17th March 1975

Kung Fu Kapers!
Original Broadcast: 24th March 1975

Lighthouse Keeping Loonies

Original Broadcast: 31st March 1975

Roman Antics
Original Broadcast: 7th April 1975

Cunning Stunts
Original Broadcast: 14th April 1975

South Africa
Original Broadcast: 21st April 1975

Bunfight at the Ok Tearooms
Original Broadcast: 28th April 1975

The End
Original Broadcast: 5th May 1975

Series Six

Lips or Almighty Cod
Original Broadcast: 21st September 1976

Hype Pressure
Original Broadcast: 28th September 1976

Daylight Robbery on the Orient Express
Original Broadcast: 5th October 1976

Black and White Beauty
Original Broadcast: 12th October 1976

It Might as Well be String
Original Broadcast: 19th October 1976

2001 and a Bit
Original Broadcast: 26th October 1976

The Goodies - Almost Live
Original Broadcast: 2nd November 1976

Series Seven

Alternative Roots

Original Broadcast: 1st November 1977

Original Broadcast: 8th November 1977

Original Broadcast: 22nd November 1977

Punky Business
Original Broadcast: 29th November 1977

Royal Command
Original Broadcast: 6th December 1977

Original Broadcast: 22nd December 1977

Series Eight


Original Broadcast: 14th January 1980

Saturday Night Grease
Original Broadcast: 21st January 1980

A Kick in the Arts
Original Broadcast: 28th January 1980

U-Friend or UFO
Original Broadcast: 4th Feb 1980

Original Broadcast: 11th Feb 1980

War Babies!
Original Broadcast: 18th Feb 1980

Series Nine


Original Broadcast: 9th Jan 1982

Football Crazy
Original Broadcast: 16th Jan 1982

Original Broadcast: 24th Jan 1982

Change of Life
Original Broadcast: 30th Jan 1982

Original Broadcast: 6th Feb 1982

Original Broadcast: 13th Feb 1982

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