Broaden Your Mind

These are the audio only versions of Broaden Your Mind. (The original episodes are still missing.) 

If you have any of these episodes (or as the complete two series) in your attic or anywhere, we'd be glad to hear from you!  Contact details are to your left on this website.


Series 1    Series 2

Episode 1

Abstract Art, Freddy & Teddy - History the signing of the Magna carta, El Budgerigar, Law - Police and Hospitality.

Episode 2

Intro - Public Reactions, Birds, Public reactions part 2, Modern Languages, Freddy & Teddy- Modern Jazz Music, Man Valley, Uncle Hugh and Timothy, Science spot - Television, Robotic Television Host and Sharpen your Wit.

Episode 3

Intro- Plastic, Law - The Criminal, Sociology , Freddy & Teddy - Speed of Sound, Interlude - How to remember things, British Made, Elizabeth Theatre - Music Hall, The institution - The Church, Volume, Quiz - True or False.

Episode 4

Intro, History - Bayeux Tapestry,Sociology- Food and Drink, Interlude- Charity Appeal, Freddy & Teddy - Egyptology, The Cinema and Problems.

Episode 5

Intro, Letters - viewer suggestions, Art - Timothy and Uncle Hugh, The Telephone, Freddy and Teddy - Biology, More viewers suggestions, Eggs, Folk Music, Marriage and Mathematics.

Episode 6

Intro, Education, Reading, Folklore - Freddy and Teddy, News from the World of Science, Taxes, Scrap Heap for 1930'foot, Sociology, Question Time.

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