Broaden Your Mind

These are the audio only versions of Broaden Your Mind. (The original episodes are still missing.) 

Series 1    Series 2

Episode 1

Abstract Art, Freddy & Teddy - History the signing of the Magna carta, El Budgerigar, Law - Police and Hospitality.

Episode 2

Intro - Public Reactions, Birds, Public reactions part 2, Modern Languages, Freddy & Teddy- Modern Jazz Music, Man Valley, Uncle Hugh and Timothy, Science spot - Television, Robotic Television Host and Sharpen your Wit.

Episode 3

Intro- Plastic, Law - The Criminal, Sociology , Freddy & Teddy - Speed of Sound, Interlude - How to remember things, British Made, Elizabeth Theatre - Music Hall, The institution - The Church, Volume, Quiz - True or False.

Episode 4

Intro, History - Bayeux Tapestry,Sociology- Food and Drink, Interlude- Charity Appeal, Freddy & Teddy - Egyptology, The Cinema and Problems.

Episode 5

Intro, Letters - viewer suggestions, Art - Timothy and Uncle Hugh, The Telephone, Freddy and Teddy - Biology, More viewers suggestions, Eggs, Folk Music, Marriage and Mathematics.

Episode 6

Intro, Education, Reading, Folklore - Freddy and Teddy, News from the World of Science, Taxes, Scrap Heap for 1930'foot, Sociology, Question Time.

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